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4 Body Problems Caused by Poor Oral Health

January 19, 2024

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A woman with a toothache seeing her dentist

Maybe you think oral health issues aren’t all that bad. Don’t they only affect your mouth area? Surely, a cavity or gum disease won’t cause you major harm. In truth, this idea is a false one. There are various full-body problems caused by poor oral health. If your mouth gets in terrible shape, your whole body will suffer. Your Oshkosh dentist will even tell you the details. So, here are four body problems you could develop from unhealthy teeth and gums.


These days, many people know diabetes can stem from a bad diet. The second type is linked to having too much junk food. However, bad oral health can also bring it about.

You see, it comes down to your gums. Studies show that gum disease causes inflammation. This inflammation can then elevate your body’s blood sugar levels. Once your blood sugar gets high enough, you’ll likely develop diabetes. (Plus, those with diabetes also have a higher risk of gum disease.)

Heart Disease

For most, oral health and heart health have little in common. These two aspects of physical well-being don’t seem to relate. That said, an unhealthy mouth can actually lead to heart disease.

The issue is that oral microbes can move around. Should you suffer from gum disease, its harmful bacteria can travel to your heart via the bloodstream. It’ll then cause plaque to build up and harden in your arteries. This plaque hardening – also known as atherosclerosis – will cause blood flow problems and heart blockages. It can even result in heart attacks, strokes, and hypertension.


Besides ruining your mood, oral issues don’t seem to bear on one’s mind. Still, appearances really are deceiving. Unclean teeth and gums may give you dementia over time.

Remember, bacteria from gum disease can get into the bloodstream. That means these microbes can steadily reach your brain. Once they have, they can destabilize their surroundings. A 2020 study even found a connection between gum disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Respiratory Infection

Even your ability to breathe can be harmed by poor oral health. As the latter occurs, you have a high risk of respiratory infection.

Again, the matter relates to gum disease. Gingivitis that becomes chronic can be breathed into your lungs. When that happens, your infected gums can cause respiratory illness and infections. They can also worsen pre-existing conditions like asthma or COPD.

It’s possible to have full-body problems caused by poor oral health. Therefore, see your dentist often to lessen the risk of the conditions above!

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