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The Plaque Problem: What It Is & How to Remove It

November 14, 2023

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person speaking to dentist about how to remove plaque effectively

Plaque, a term frequently echoed in dental discussions, is a common concern for maintaining a healthy and vibrant smile. When it comes to the culprits or oral health issues, it is often at the top of the list. Even so, many people don’t understand exactly what it is or how it forms. To help you understand how to get rid of plaque and how it forms, continue reading!

So, What’s Plaque?

In basic terms, dental plaque emerges as a adhesive film on your teeth, predominantly consisting of bacteria, food residues, and saliva. This amalgamation typically takes shape when oral microorganisms unite with sugars and starches in the mouth.

Uncontrolled plaque poses a risk to one’s oral health, often leading to gum disease, cavities, tooth infections, and other issues. Also, the substance can harden into tartar over time. Removing tartar is only possible with the expertise of dentists.

3 Steps to Remove Plaque from Your Smile

Removing plaque is typically straightforward and can be accomplished with a consistent oral hygiene routine, including:

  • Brush Twice Daily: Brush your teeth twice a day using a toothbrush with soft bristles. Consider switching to an electric toothbrush for enhanced effectiveness.
  • Floss Once Daily: Incorporate daily flossing to prevent tartar buildup in hard-to-reach areas. Choose from traditional floss, floss picks, or a water flosser for various options.
  • Rinse With a Good Mouthwash: Use mouthwash containing an antiseptic to eradicate harmful bacteria between your teeth and on your tongue. Follow the product instructions for a refreshed mouth with reduced plaque.

As you can see, leaving plaque on your pearly whites can do a lot of damage to your smile. So, be sure to keep up with your oral hygiene routine. This will prevent this harmful substance from building up so you can maintain a gorgeous, healthy grin that you adore for years to come!

About the Practice

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